My Story

Hi, i'm Stacey!

(But my grandparents called me titi!)

I love to craft, bake, garden and shop! I am remarried to my loving husband of 16 years. We have a little Brady Bunch of our own! We have six adult children, seven granddaughters, and one great-grandson.

My Passion & Mission

I would love to share memories of my childhood with my family, but unfortunately I don't have any photos to share with them. This is why I'm so passionate about inspiring others to turn their photos into keepsakes that can be passed down throughout generations. Fortunately, I do have photos from my extended family that have been posted on social media. I'm very grateful for those!

Social Media gives us so many opportunities to share our photos so that others can see our stories. Why not make it even more special and turn those into keepsakes?! A photo can capture the meaning of your story, and help you pass that story down to other generations in your family!

I believe we all have stories that can inspire others! Stories we can share of our families, our pets, life milestones, love, laughter, sorrow, accomplishments, adventures and so much more! Customize your photos on puzzles, mugs, keychains, magnets and pet tags!

Photo Credit Kahiki Photography
Photo Credit Kahiki Photography
Photo Credit Kahiki Photography
Photo Credit Kahiki Photography

My Story

Mahalo for visiting my website!

Hi, I'm Stacey, but my grandparents called me, Titi.

I love crafting, baking, gardening, shopping, and creating/sharing memories with friends and family!

Born and raised on Hawai'i Island, I am an island girl at heart with a passion for family.  Together, my husband and I have six children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

As you can see, we have a growing family and I would love to share more about my childhood memories with them, but unfortunately, I don't have many photos.  This is why Timeless Photo Treasures was created.  I see the immense value in having photos and specialty keepsakes to remember the best of times and cherished memories.  I am passionate about inspiring others to turn their memories into personalized gifts that they can pass down to their children and their children's children.

I've realized that through the advent of social media and the Internet, we now have access to images and memories from the past.  I am very grateful for this and the potential Social Media provides to share our photos and stories with others.  This has also inspired me to enhance the longevity of these photos by turning them into treasured keepsakes that are tangible, functional, and allow you to utilize them more frequently as opposed to just being forgotten.  Every photo captures a moment in time for you to treasure...why not inspire others with your story and share it with others.

We provide customizable, holdable, memorable gifts which include puzzles, mugs, keychains, magnets, and pet tags.  Each of these are significant to me because I have fond memories of assembling and playing puzzles with my grandparents, enjoying a special cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or Tea with family, admiring keychains with special moments that go with you everywhere, magnets that you can see each and every day on your refrigerator in a shared space with your loved ones...and of course we can't forget our furry family members!  Create a photo tag close to their heart which also serves as a form of identification if your pet gets lost.  These are each functional, memorable, and turn a simple moment in time into something of value.

Dedicated to

Grandma Omi & Papa Bill

Dearest Grandma Omi & Papa Bill,

Today, I am proud to launch my website in honor of you. I am honored to share with my children, my grandchildren and the rest of the world, about my grandparents.

The moments I treasured most as a child, were weekends, holidays or summer vacations spent with you and papa Bill in Pahala. I loved when our families would get together, we'd go fishing and camping, or golf with papa at Punalu'u Black Sands Beach. I loved when we'd baked bread, piece puzzles, play cards, play sunko (shell game), or visit your friendly neighbors, or those afternoon naps, while you watched your favorite baseball team, the Braves. Your house was a place I called home, and a place where I had the opportunity to play with all of my cousins! Timeless Memories!

I promise to share your legacy about the wonderful childhood you both provided for  your children and grandchildren. To ensure your legacy lives on, we will tell your stories, visit you in prayers, and reminisce about the good ole' days.  For all of those times we shared, laughed or cried, I wish I had one more chance with you, to say, thank you.

I love you and miss you both dearly.

Love Always,